Induction under Lavastone CS3000DF-P

Our “Invisible Cooking Suite” is the latest advance in induction technology. It allows the chef to prepare, cook and hot hold food, both front and back of house, on one surface.

Our research shows that induction is the cleanest form of cooking, the most energy efficient, and now without doubt, the safest. As there is no heat transference from the induction hob to the lava stone, it is possible to touch the top with an unprotected hand. This allows the operator to cook front of house with the knowledge that if their guests touch the cooking surface it is not possible for them to sustain any form of injury.

Available in single, twin and 4 zone units, this bespoke cooking medium is ideal for business and industry catering, school servery counters, offshore catering, open kitchens, cookery schools and many more applications. Using only 3Kw per zone this suite is easily installed in any kitchen, both domestic and commercial.
This latest Induced Energy innovation is available as a mobile cooking station or as part of a larger cooking or servery counter.

As the “Invisible Cooking Suite” is totally bespoke please contact us to discuss your requirements and one of design team would be happy to carry out a full site survey.

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