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Carters of Mosely

Brad Carter of Carters, Moseley, who installed 2 x CS3000QT induction hobs in his restaurant 2 years ago said:

The units are very efficient, easy to use, great ease of cleaning and high performance, a great finished product.

Whatever else I ever do I would always put Induced Energy hobs in. The day to day usage is amazing, the running costs are much better than my friends who use gas. Carters is Fine Dining, one unit runs all day every day 5 days per week with stock pots at night, and although there were problems in the beginning which may have been the electrical supply and were frustrating at the time, it was the way Induced Energy dealt with it and the service provided which impressed me, and now I’ve used them for over 2 years I would definitely put them in another site, say if I buy a pub. When people come and look round the kitchen the first thing they notice is the hobs.

Precision control is the biggest thing for me, if we’re making custard, we know that if we set the control to 32 and stir every 2 minutes, it takes 12 minutes to cook.

If there’s anyone in Birmingham who wants to see Induced Energy hobs in use I’m happy to show them if I have a bit of notice.

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