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Induced Energy hobs help win Gold

Angus McCaig and Josh McDonald Johnson of The Holt restaurant in Devon sent the following email:

Having changed to induction after seventeen years on Gas, I could not believe that the switchover was so easy. The precision of the heat ensures perfect cooking temperatures every time.

Training our chefs using the straight forward controls guarantees that we get the same results every time.

From sous vide, to Wok cookery, the balance of delicate heat right through to extreme power makes any technique achievable.

The extra benefits are the energy efficient system and reduced carbonisation, saving money and hours of cleaning each week. Also for anyone who is setting up a commercial kitchen, Induction cooking is considerably better value than the Gas and mandatory interlock extraction alternative.
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I would recommend Induced Energy products to professionals and home cooks alike. They are the future.

Your equipment has helped us win the Taste of the West, Best Gastro pub in Devon Gold Award 2009.


10% Reduction in Staff Turnover

“Induced Energy installed 4-ring and 2-ring induction hobs into all of our branches and our staff love the cooler, cleaner environment. As an added benefit Staff turn-over has reduced dramatically.”

David Mann, Managing Director, Philpotts up-market sandwich chain



Furnace, rated highly by the likes of Time Out and Hardens – was set-up to provide pizzas.  The kitchen was initially a “secondary” role; because of extraction/ventilation issues an electric solid top hob was installed, gas could not be used.  The hob was slow reacting and the chefs would crank it up full in the morning and leave it like that all day, pushing huge amounts of heat and energy into the kitchen all day long.

By changing to the Induction hob the benefits were instant and numerous.  Because of the speed of the hob, the chef would switch on only when needed – it is even quicker than gas, let alone the previous electric hob.  Additionally, since it heats only the pans and therefore the food inside, there was no wasted heat from those parts of the hob not covered with pans.

The difference was remarkable.  The average temperature in the kitchen dropped by nearly 10C, making for much happier (and better tempered) chefs, pot-washers and the waiting staff who had  previously to walk into a wall of heat.

Another benefit has been the nature of the ceramic hob.  It can be kept exceptionally clean even during the busiest service.  It must be one of the few restaurants where the kitchen crew now move in front of the pizza oven to keep warm.

Steve Chesterfield – Owner Furnace Restaurant. London


100% Satisfaction

“We installed a 4 ring Induced Energy Induction Hob into the Glass House Café and it has proved to be extremely reliable and an excellent piece of kit. The powerful heat is very controllable, it’s kept in the pan and does not heat up the kitchen…so impressed are we with the benefits of Induced Energy that we are considering introducing this technology into other catering areas”.

Mike Byrne General Manager Catering Services of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


University of Oxford

Ten years ago we at Harris Manchester College fitted induction hobs in our kitchens, which proved to be a most worthwhile decision.

The hobs have been efficient, robust and have met our need splendidly.  They also overcame the problem of the kitchen overheating in the summer and saved us having to extend the kitchen and fit air conditioning systems.  This resulted in a much more pleasant and safer working atmosphere for catering staff.

I also believe that the savings on power enabled us to recuperate the cost of the hobs within a 5 year period.
I cannot speak too highly of Induced Energy’s induction hobs; they have served the college well over the past decade.  Indeed, we are so pleased with them that the college is installing more induction hobs in a 16th century building we are restoring.  I enthusiastically commend their use to other institutions and individuals.

Rev. Dr. Ralph Waller Principal, Harris  Manchester College University of Oxford


Carters of Mosely

Brad Carter of Carters, Moseley, who installed 2 x CS3000QT induction hobs in his restaurant 2 years ago said:

The units are very efficient, easy to use, great ease of cleaning and high performance, a great finished product.

Whatever else I ever do I would always put Induced Energy hobs in. The day to day usage is amazing, the running costs are much better than my friends who use gas. Carters is Fine Dining, one unit runs all day every day 5 days per week with stock pots at night, and although there were problems in the beginning which may have been the electrical supply and were frustrating at the time, it was the way Induced Energy dealt with it and the service provided which impressed me, and now I’ve used them for over 2 years I would definitely put them in another site, say if I buy a pub. When people come and look round the kitchen the first thing they notice is the hobs.

Precision control is the biggest thing for me, if we’re making custard, we know that if we set the control to 32 and stir every 2 minutes, it takes 12 minutes to cook.

If there’s anyone in Birmingham who wants to see Induced Energy hobs in use I’m happy to show them if I have a bit of notice.

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