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Furnace, rated highly by the likes of Time Out and Hardens – was set-up to provide pizzas.  The kitchen was initially a “secondary” role; because of extraction/ventilation issues an electric solid top hob was installed, gas could not be used.  The hob was slow reacting and the chefs would crank it up full in the morning and leave it like that all day, pushing huge amounts of heat and energy into the kitchen all day long.

By changing to the Induction hob the benefits were instant and numerous.  Because of the speed of the hob, the chef would switch on only when needed – it is even quicker than gas, let alone the previous electric hob.  Additionally, since it heats only the pans and therefore the food inside, there was no wasted heat from those parts of the hob not covered with pans.

The difference was remarkable.  The average temperature in the kitchen dropped by nearly 10C, making for much happier (and better tempered) chefs, pot-washers and the waiting staff who had  previously to walk into a wall of heat.

Another benefit has been the nature of the ceramic hob.  It can be kept exceptionally clean even during the busiest service.  It must be one of the few restaurants where the kitchen crew now move in front of the pizza oven to keep warm.

Steve Chesterfield – Owner Furnace Restaurant. London

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