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Induced Energy hobs help win Gold

Angus McCaig and Josh McDonald Johnson of The Holt restaurant in Devon sent the following email:

Having changed to induction after seventeen years on Gas, I could not believe that the switchover was so easy. The precision of the heat ensures perfect cooking temperatures every time.

Training our chefs using the straight forward controls guarantees that we get the same results every time.

From sous vide, to Wok cookery, the balance of delicate heat right through to extreme power makes any technique achievable.

The extra benefits are the energy efficient system and reduced carbonisation, saving money and hours of cleaning each week. Also for anyone who is setting up a commercial kitchen, Induction cooking is considerably better value than the Gas and mandatory interlock extraction alternative.
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I would recommend Induced Energy products to professionals and home cooks alike. They are the future.

Your equipment has helped us win the Taste of the West, Best Gastro pub in Devon Gold Award 2009.

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