Flush Fitting Hob Remote Motor to 3m – SLRCS3000G-1

•    Unique drawer concept for guaranteed ease of installation
•    Unique integral front-to-front ventilation system
•    Flush mounted for installation in rebated aperture
•    Unique user friendly display panel
•    Unique depth of field, up to 30mm
•    Unique clean filter warning
•    Versatile – keep-hot, boil, griddle, stir fry
•    Precise power settings 1-99
•    Safety features include maximum temperature control, pan detection, boil-dry protection, overheat prevention, clean filter warning
•    Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK
•    For bespoke options see Technical Specifications for this product

The new slimline coil tray of the Induced Energy remote motor units allows the end user to install refrigeration, ovens or hot cupboards directly under the induction hob. Requiring only a depth of 80mm for the coil tray.

Remote units, which are available in single, twin and 4 zones, with a power output of 3kw per zone, allows the motor to be placed up to 3 metres from the induction hob and the control panel 1.5 metres away.

The remote motor units are manufactured to the clients bespoke specifications and are available within 3 weeks of receipt your order.




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