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Thank you for your quick response and honesty regarding travel and mileage.

I know our customer was really happy with the repair and thought it might come in a bit more expensive than originally quoted.

I will ensure that payment is made ASAP.


North London Catering Equipment Ltd.

The induction unit was received, connected back up and working.

How impressed we are with IE. The units themselves are brilliant, but the customer service in arranging repairs and the quick turnaround has been effortless.  

In an industry where getting aftercare/service can be like pulling teeth, I thought it was worth letting you know that IE is outstanding. 

Sam Holmes

True North Restaurant

Would you please pass on my thanks and very pleasant surprise at the high level of service provided by Induced Energy? After a brief phone call this morning, their engineer turned up and took the unit away.

Then, at about 3.15, he brought it back and just dropped it off!! Unfortunately, I did not get to see him, and he left no paperwork, so I am assuming it is repaired. Nonetheless, it is a very good service.


We run an Artisan bakers’ workshop with a rustic cafe underneath the arches at Temple Mead station in Bristol. We sell homemade pastries, pies, and cakes. We’ve been using cheap and not-so-cheap induction hobs for heating soups, sauces, and stock, but they all have the same problem at low power—they pulse on and off, causing soups to catch and burn.

We asked Induced Energy if their hobs worked the same way at low power but found the loan hob they sent much better for sensitive work, as the power is continuous at low levels and very reproducible. We decided to buy from IE, confident that the hob is what we need for our bakery and is fully supported through their after-sales service in the UK.

Peter Young

Thank you so much for your very generous donation of the twin zone table top induction hob to the Clink Training Restaurant located at HMP Brixton, which in turn will help us continue to reduce reoffending rates and make society a safer place.

Having the latest equipment in our kitchens helps our students to gain confidence as well as their NVQs in food preparation and cookery. They will be taught how to use the equipment and, just as importantly, how to clean and look after it. This way, when they go out into the workplace, they will be work-ready and a credible solution to the industry’s skills shortage.

Read full testimonial here.


The CLINK Charity

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