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University of Oxford

Ten years ago we at Harris Manchester College fitted induction hobs in our kitchens, which proved to be a most worthwhile decision.

The hobs have been efficient, robust and have met our need splendidly.  They also overcame the problem of the kitchen overheating in the summer and saved us having to extend the kitchen and fit air conditioning systems.  This resulted in a much more pleasant and safer working atmosphere for catering staff.

I also believe that the savings on power enabled us to recuperate the cost of the hobs within a 5 year period.
I cannot speak too highly of Induced Energy’s induction hobs; they have served the college well over the past decade.  Indeed, we are so pleased with them that the college is installing more induction hobs in a 16th century building we are restoring.  I enthusiastically commend their use to other institutions and individuals.

Rev. Dr. Ralph Waller Principal, Harris  Manchester College University of Oxford

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