Quad Drop-in Induction Hobs

Upgrade your commercial kitchen with quad drop-in induction hobs from Induced Energy. All our professional-grade equipment is available to buy online, and is designed and manufactured in the UK.

Induction hobs have a wide range of benefits over other heating methods. Using magnetism to heat your pans and other kitchen equipment is much more efficient, and you can reach your desired temperature much faster. This also leads to less heat escaping into the room for a more comfortable working environment.

Induction hobs can also be much safer than gas. We design all our hobs with a range of safety features as standard, helping to improve the safety of your kitchen. Our drop-in induction hobs also fit seamlessly with your countertop, enabling you to maximise the available space for preparing and cooking your food.

Browse our range of hobs below, or contact our team today for more information about our bespoke solutions.