GN 2/3 Thermoplate

  • 354 × 325 x 20mm
  • Suitable for use with twin induction hob



As has always been the ethos of Induced Energy, we feel that an induction griddle plate defeats the purpose of induction. Induction is an “on demand” medium of cooking. If you introduce something with a ferrous metal content in the base to an induction hob it heats that source. When you take it off it you are no longer using any power. To introduce a griddle plate above a hob means that it will be constantly using power, even when there is no food on the griddle to cook. This will seriously impact on the lifetime of your induction hob.

Induced Energy have spent many years searching for a product that we feel is of sufficient quality to use as an “as required” griddle or plancha plate. Recently we have teamed up with one of the world’s experts in this field and are delighted to introduce the Induced Energy Thermoplate. Available in gastronorm sizes it is ideal for use on our induction hobs.